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Please review our REPORTING CHECKLIST to ensure that you are delivering a complete report!


  • For items $100 and greater in value, the law requires that written notice be sent by first class mail to the owner’s last known address on the holder's records. The notice must:

    • inform them that their property is in jeopardy of being reported to the state as unclaimed

    • provide them with the opportunity to contact you regarding the property before it is reported

    • be mailed at least 60 days prior to reporting.

    Penalties for the failure to perform due diligence are specified in §55-210.26:1 (B). The fine, not to exceed $50, is applied to each account upon which due diligence was not performed.

  • Must be delivered according to our instructions at the same time you report.
  • NEW account information!  DTC # 901, Agent Bank # 26500, ACCOUNT # 822476

  • All electronic reports MUST be delivered via our website beginning October 1, 2016.  A NAUPA format text file is required for electronic reporting.  Here is the new Portal!
  • if you have 25 or more owners to report, you MUST report electronically using a NAUPA format text file.
  • Please visit this page to view Electronic Reporting Requirements!

Over 75% of holders report electronically, and more are doing so every day!  Don't get left behind.  Learn how to perform this task electronically!

Virginia will accept property due to another state with the following limitations:

  • no more than 9 items for any given state
  • no more than $1000 for any given state ($500 for Arkansas)
  • California has opted out of the reciprocal report process
  • These limits also apply if you want to report property due to Virginia through your home state.

Report Deadlines:

  • November 1st for corporations, public entities, etc.
  • May 1st for insurance companies

Click & Report!

To understand how to Report, Go to the Reporting Process page! 

 Explore our Education and Special Notices to learn more about Reporting!

 Additional Resources places a variety of tools at your fingertips!

As always, you can contact the Manager of the Records and Receipts Unit, William H. Dadmun by emailing or calling (804) 225-2547.