Electronic Reporting

The Commonwealth of Virginia has adopted the standard electronic holder reporting format of the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA). Any report containing 25 or more owners MUST be reported electronically utilizing this format. (§ 55.1-2524)

We no longer accept electronic reports on CD, diskette or any other physical media.  ALL reports must be sent through our website portal.  https://www.trs.virginia.gov/HoldersUpload

All electronic reports containing 25 or more owners must be submitted as a NAUPA format text file.  Excel spreadsheets, Word documents or Access databases will not be accepted.

Reporting Software is available by following the link shown below. These software choices allow you to input information to create a NAUPA format text file.

If you have questions regarding the use of the NAUPA format or the use of the Virginia Diskette Reporting software, contact us at report.remit@trs.virginia.gov or call 804-225-2547

If you want to transfer your report to the Virginia Unclaimed Property via file transfer to our website, FOLLOW THE LINK shown below.  This site is secure.

Reporting Software

Electronic Reporting Instructions

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NAUPA II Standard file format and data definitions