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Forms & Instructions

Pursuant to  Title 55.1 Chapter 25 sections 2500-2545 , the Virginia Uniform Disposition of Unclaimed Property Act (the Act), demand is hereby made for your 2021 Unclaimed Property Report.  The 2021 report should include all amounts reportable as of June 30, 2020 and prior.  The report is due on or before November 1, 2021. For insurance companies, the 2021 report should include all amounts reportable as of December 31, 2020 and is due May 1, 2022.  For complete step by step instructions on reporting and remitting Unclaimed Property please visit the Reporting Process.

Form Document
2021 Holderbook - Forms & Instructions for the reporting of unclaimed property to Virginia
AP-1 Form - Required form for the submission of all unclaimed property reports

Complete first, then print
AP-2 Form - Provides information on the owners and their property. Can be used ONLY if reporting fewer than 25 owners.

Complete all applicable fields, then print
Instructions for preparing AP1 Form and AP2 Form
Holder Claim Form - Complete this form if you need to reclaim funds submitted as unclaimed property. Instructions are included with this form

Complete Form, then print
Request for Extension of Time to File - Complete this form if you need more time to report. Remittance of an estimated payment is required by the due date. Instructions are included with this form.

Complete form, then print
Numismatic Currency List - How to handle Coins and Currency
Instructions for Reporting Tangible Property - Follow These Instructions to report and deliver tangible property
Instructions for Reporting Securities - Deliver securities according to these guidelines
Voluntary Compliance Participation Request Form
Voluntary Compliance Release Agreement (for Virginia only)
Voluntary Compliance Reporting Guidelines
Voluntary Compliance Terms & Conditions



If reporting 25 or more owners, you must submit your data in a NAUPA format text file. NO Exceptions.  Submit your file to

For ACH OR Wire Transfer Instructions and account information, e-mail