Fixing NAUPA File Validation Errors

Instructions for viewing your NAUPA file and reviewing the error log

You have received this error log showing you what errors are keeping your NAUPA file from being accepted by Virginia Unclaimed Property for processing.

To view your NAUPA file and have the tools necessary to find these errors, begin by locating the text file that was created and submitted to us. Open that file in NotePad. Under View, make sure you have Status Bar checked, so you can see the Line Number and column (or position) number.

Follow the position numbers provided in the error message to locate the data that is not properly set up.

If you are using a software product, you should use that product to make the changes and re-create your file. This is the only way to make sure that the data you are retaining for your historical reference matches that which you have provided to Virginia UCP for your official record of reporting.

Please make sure that you resubmit your file within the specified time period. If there are changes to the dollar amount of your report, a new AP-1 form with matching remittance totals should be submitted. If the total does not change, DO NOT submit a new AP-1 form.

For assistance or questions please email us at or call (804) 225-2547.