Reporting Checklist

The following checklist provides you with guidance regarding the items required for a complete cash/securities report and the options for delivery that are available to you. 

 1.  A completed, signed AP-1 form (choose ONE  option only!  Multiple deliveries of documents can cause issues.)

__ mail as a hardcopy document - completed and signed

__ e-mail a scanned copy of the completed and signed form to  .pdf format required

 2. The owner and property information (choose  ONE  option only!)**

__ mail a hardcopy AP-2 form (only available if reporting fewer than 25 owners)

__ upload a NAUPA format text file via our website

**Do not send owner data through e-mail.  It is not secure.  Doing so will expose your customer’s personal information to the potential for use in identity theft.  Virginia Treasury does not accept any responsibility for personal information that is exposed due to use of e-mail to deliver files.

 3.  Your remittance (choose ONE option)

__ a check mailed to P O Box 2478, Richmond, VA 23218 (please include your AP-1 form or a remittance advice indicating what report(s) are covered by the check).

__ an ACH or wire transfer (please contact for the account numbers.  To receive credit for your remittance, you MUST e-mail a confirmation of your submission to

__ for state agencies, an EDI transaction or ATA transaction

  4.  For reports with securities (mutual funds or stock) – statements showing the delivery of the shares to our nominee name (Old Dominion & Co for stock, MAC & Co for mutual funds) should accompany your report.  (choose ONE option)

__ mail as a hardcopy document with your report

__ e-mail a scanned copy of the completed document to  (Please make sure you include information to link this document with the report it goes with, i.e. - company name, holder ID and total amounts reported, both shares and dollars.).  .pdf format required.