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Special Notices - New for 2018

IMPORTANT! – Your report requires a completed and SIGNED AP-1 form as part of your submission!

For hardcopy reports, AP-1 forms should be mailed with your report and remittance (check)

If you have submitted an electronic file for your report details, and you are remitting via ACH/wire transfer, you can complete, sign, scan and e-mail your AP-1 form to ONLY AP-1 forms can be e-mailed. They must be signed electronically (or manually and scanned)

AP-2 forms cannot be e-mailed under any circumstances. They must be mailed.

For those reporting electronically, when you receive your Confirmation e-mail – This lets you know the file passed the automated validation routine. A manual review of your file is then performed.  If we do not find any errors, we accept the file for processing upon receipt of your AP-1 form and remittance.  If we do find issues, we contact you with an explanation of the problems and suggested solutions. Once the file is corrected, you should resubmit it.


Tangible Property Reporting – You may now report your tangible property via electronic format (via upload of a NAUPA file), provided you have arranged a delivery date with the Tangible Property Supervisor, Trey Wood.  Contact him at 804-225-3170 for details. 

Tangible property reports must be reported separately from intangible reports!


Do you use the QUICKLINKS and INFORMATION Tabs? - they are a quick way to get the information you need for Notable Requirements, Due Diligence, Securities reporting, Tangible Property reporting, electronic reporting and reciprocal reporting! Try them out!

Have you used the Reporting Checklist? – make sure you are sending everything you need to!



New online training! – Over the next few weeks and months, you will notice more online training being offered through this site. Please look for the HOLDER TRAINING Section in the left hand column of our web pages to locate what we have to offer. Plans include segments on Completing the AP-1 form; Completing the AP-2 form; Reporting Tangible Property; Reporting Securities; How to Report using Voluntary Compliance; Reciprocal Reporting and others.  If you have a suggestion for a segment, let us know!


NAUPA File Delivery Process

Access our site to deliver NAUPA files – All electronic reports MUST be delivered via our secure webpage at

Acceptable media - We will no longer accept file submissions on CD, flash drive, diskette or any other physical media. 

Validation - Upon submission, your file will be subjected to a validation routine. 

Confirmation of Delivery – You will receive a confirmation of receipt e-mail which will provide you with either the errors contained on your file or an AP-1 form to use when completing the reporting requirements.  Please double check the e-mail address you provide, so you are sure to get this important confirmation.

After Delivery - A manual review of the file is performed by our staff. If they find errors not found in the automated validation, they will contact you to discuss them.


How to format names in special circumstances:

Estates:           Last Name: Jones      First Name: James     Middle Name: Lynn, Estate of

Trusts:             Firm Name: Name of Trust   Please show this as a business.

Co-owned:      MUST be reported as separate owners for the property

A relationship type code is required for all owners.


Do you have suggestions for improvements to our processes? Contact William Dadmun at to let us know what you are thinking!